Cleaning Practice and Health Care

Cleaning of course is a good habit. But cleaning for good health is more important. We must use good quality product which are safe to our health for cleaning. Cleaning is an important initiative of man to reduce diseases. A good quality cleaning reduces the germs in that are to less than 5 percentages. We must take for such deeper cleaning process. We must not satisfy with the outer cleaning only.

We may be hearing about disinfestations in hospital cleaning. Actually we should clean our homes also for disinfestations. The hiding places of germs should be taken care and cleaned properly. Key board of computers, handles of fridge, microwave, doors etc. are some of the places we must give extra care.

We can clean these equipment or room space step by step. We can clean the external portions of them with some suitable solution or equipment. It is only general cleaning. It does not clean or eradicate the germs. We can then use a disinfectant solution or method for killing the germs. This step of cleaning is very important in health care.

Towels and other cloths also cleaned and dried in sunlight if possible. If you are using a machine drying process may use some disinfectant detergent for cleaning them.  It is better to clean your properties once in a day. It is a good practice to sterilise the dishes and clothes in hot water regularly. We must educate all the family members about the importance of a thorough cleaning to avoid infectious diseases.

The dumping spaces in our home also are a better place for insects and germs. We should avoid dumping of waste materials in and around the house. All the rooms should be cleaned with some disinfectant solution. We must good practices of cleaning for a healthier life.

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