Cleaning Service Agencies and Their Role

Cleaning is a personal or social need of human being. When the need of anything increases naturally it develops as a service industry. The hectic schedule of today’s generation they have to depend on cleaning services also. We have to remember that the personal hygiene or cleaning is an individual responsibility.  Even if we rely on service agencies for cleaning we must hold the responsibility of the same.

Cleaning services may be varies depending upon the service rendering and the method of cleaning. Housekeeping or cleaning the house is one of the major categories of cleaning service. They clean the whole house in a professional way.  They usually do this on basis of the contract between the customer and the agency. When we consider the cleaning related to home cleaning of clothes also came into the picture. It may by an ordinary laundry cleaning, power or machine cleaning or dry cleaning.  As the name indicates dry cleaning does not involves any dry process. It is done by using tetrachloroethylene or similar solutions.

Automotive cleaning is another area of cleaning service. There are professional service and cleaning stations. They use power sprayers, chemicals or vehicle cleaning soft soaps to clean the vehicles. They provide waxing, polishing also as a part of these service. Some cleaning agencies provide home service also. The inner parts like seats, dash board, floor mats are also cleaned by these agencies.

Cleaning the weed and grass is a new development in cleaning industry. They provide mechanised cleaning of the area by using grass cutting machines. Sometimes they may use weedicides also. Agriculture cleaning agencies have a good future in cleaning industry.

Municipal corporations and government are engaging some agencies for the environmental cleaning and waste management. These are done by big business groups in an organised way.

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