Different Types of Cleaning Agents Available

Cleaning is a basic need of a person. He or she has to do the cleaning every day. We use different types of cleaning materials for cleaning. Cleaning materials are important in the process of cleaning. We may use many methods for cleaning. If we are not using the adequate stuff for cleaning it will not successful. Water is known as universal solute. Most of the particles are soluble in water. So we use water as the main medium for cleaning. But most of them need to add some other chemical or natural cleaning agents to it to enhance the efficiency of it.

We need to different kinds of substances in the cleaning process. It may be stain, dirt, oil, wax or anything. We clean our places or object with an intention of removing these or bad smell. The cleaning agent we use must be able to serve the purpose. The cleaning may enhance the look and beauty. There cleaning agents are in different forms like liquid, spray or powder.

The most of the floor cleaning agents are in acidic nature. The acid based cleaning agents used to remove hard stains, pipe clogs, oil based dirt etc. We use hydroxide solutions which are alkaline in nature. These are used for removing dirt, or something based on protein. The form may be wiped off. We use oil removers containing kerosene or other such solutions also for cleaning. We can make use of the cleaning agents which can be used for any kind of dust, dirt or stain. These cleaning agents are most popular one. In this category we get cleaning agents for dish washing to carpet cleaning. Lot of variety of cleaning agents are available in this category. Metal cleaners are developed to the specific need of cleaning metals and ornaments.

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