Keeping Our School Clean and Tidy

Children spent most of the day time in school. The health and neatness of pupils should be taken care. The dirty atmosphere of a class room will be a good place for the growth of bacteria or germs. These may cause serious health problems like cough, allergy or cold. We must keep our schools clean and tidy for creating a healthy environment for our pupils.

Some places where children are touching needed regular cleaning.  We must use light and safe materials for cleaning. Desk tops should by wipe regularly with some anti germ product which are safe to children. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the chalk dust or other. Windows and doors are also taken care and cleaned. Door handles should be cleaned. Computers and other electronic equipment may be cleaned by professionals or according the manual. Playing equipment must be cleaned after each use since lot of dust and forging particles may be there.

Personal hygiene and environmental cleaning is also important. Do not allow any body to throw paper or food waste to the surroundings. The total area of the school should be kept cleaned. We should not allow grow harmful insects like spiders. The premises of the building are to be cleaned for any water logging. These are the breeding place for mosquitoes. As a part of our cleaning process we can observe dry day biweekly. This will help us to destroy the breeding places of mosquitoes.

We can teach the students and staff for the habit of cleaning by regular cleaning practice. Pupil should be encouraged to keep their class room clean. There must be dust bins in class rooms. Food waste can be used for making manure. Through that cleaning can be productive also. We must keep our campus as plastic free campus.

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