Simple Tips for a Stink-free Toilet

The toilet either at home or in the work place should be the most comfortable are in the place. In fact it has been given the title “comfort room” as it is the place where we find relief in addressing all kinds of personal necessities. As such it must also be one of the cleanest places at home or any establishments. However, in fact it is actually not the case especially in public places where the comfort room often stinks probably due to the volume of users on daily basis compared to the less maintenance personnel to address the matter. At the home front it is not the case because of the housekeepers’ effort to keep it as clean as it possibly can all the time. However, it is also inevitable for any toilet to somehow stink at times. Here are some simple tips that might help you achieve a stink-free toilet at home:

  1. Clean it as often – there is no better way to keep the toilet stink-free than regularly cleaning the place as often as you possibly can. It is also important to flush the bowl after every use regardless of how it is used. It will also help to keep the toile spec and span all the time if you use super absorbent floor rug to avoid wetness from staying long in any areas of the place.
  2. Use deodorizing products – this will help make the toile smelling fresh all the time. However, if you do not clean the place thoroughly, it would still be futile to use any of these products. So, it is therefore a wise idea to use these products only after each cleaning session.
  3. Place peel of citrus fruits – it is probably the cheapest way to make your toile stink-free. Simply put peeled of skin of citrus fruits like orange or lemon in any corners of the toilet. It will make the place stink-free for a longer period of time.

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