Things that we Clean Regularly

We clean lot of materials every day. It is interesting to think about the items we clean regularly. We clean the items those we use regularly. The more we use is a chance of get more dirt. Clothes may be the first item to be listed in this category. We need not spent a day in dirty atmosphere our sweat condition attracts lot of dirt from surroundings. The inner wears often get unclean fast and need a thorough cleaning. The dirt clothes are a good place for bacterial growth. We clean our cloth our own by using in any of the good cleaning agent like soap. We may use hand wash or machine wash according to the convenience. Professional laundry service also can be availed for the cleaning of clothes.

The next item we use may be the dishes and cooking vassals. The food waste, oil, or the food colours may form some residue in the dishes and vassals. If it remains unattended it will be place for bacterial development. That may create serious health issues. Cleaning of dishes with good quality soap solution is the usual practice we do. Deep stains, oil or burn stain can be cleaned with the help of metal or plastic scrubbers and soap solution. We can use dishwasher also for cleaning them.

In our house there are plenty of electric equipment and lights. These are places where dust is accumulated. These should be cleaned to avoid allergy and other diseases. We can clean these by our self. We can use either a vacuum cleaner or can remove these by damp cloth. But care should be taken while cleaning electric equipment. Switch off the power before starting the cleaning process.

Curtains, carpets, bed sheets, furniture, bath rooms and water closets are to be cleaned regularly.

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